Tuesday, April 27, 2004

If You Can’t Say Something Constructive

I wish I could say sorry for not writing. But, I’m not doing this to vent or whine when it’s not going so good. With a lot of time off for moving and some sub-par performance at the tables, it’s taken me until the 27th of the month to meet the monthly expenses.

I am sorry that I can’t be more like the Poker Blog. He’s there through thick and thin and I’ve come to rely on him as a poker news source. He’s just a better writer than I will ever be. Besides, at this point, it’s the playing of poker I have to focus on. And anything useful I have to share will spring from that.

I like those months were the nut is in the bag by the end of the first week and I’m a writing everyday. Or where everything is on schedule and I’m saying something every few days. But they can’t all be like. Can they?

My experience has been that 1/3 months are great, 1/3 are just reaching the goal and 1/3 feel like a death match that taps into the surplus from the great month. I have yet to have a losing month, but I don’t have a job to fall back on either.

Blogging during a death match is probably not recommended. At least, for me.

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Saturday, April 03, 2004

The Prescribed Amount

Got the new DSL up and going and I don’t have to climb a phone pole to use the Internet . . . impressive. Playing and blogging time have suffered over the last week or two.

Playing more equals more money. So, the most common mistake on the grind is playing too much and not being at your best for too much of the time. But recently, I’ve made the less common mistake-- not playing enough. Few people that play a game or sport for a living can afford to take many days completely off. You’ll slip out of the groove if it's going good and you’ll lose needed income if it is not going so good.

It’s not really a middle ground that I’m looking for. I want to execute the optimal amount of playing time per day. At first, you log hours arbitrarily trying to find a magic number. Eventually you learn to match your other obligations and needs with the playing conditions available and establish a rule for each day’s play.

I had some troubles making the phone company and my moving help follow the plan though.

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